Monday, September 7, 2009

A Few Highlights from New York

We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to live in New York state since January of this year. It was truly an experience moving from Texas to a place with three feet of snow on the ground! We were able to see so many things and meet some great friends in the short time we were there.

This is Sarah and Gilli (the horse) at a rally in Vermont. Dusty was able to capture one of my favorite moments of a horse show - I remember all of the times my mom was the designated "Expo Holder" while Dad and I loaded up the trailer. It truly was a family affair that took effort from everyone - including the cheer squad!

Here are Kat and Gilli finishing their first stadium round as a team! Kat is such an awesome girl and Gilli is truly a gem. They are going to become quite the pair. =) Kate and I miss this fun bunch!

This is a photo I took on Mom's first trip up to visit. We stopped along one of the many rivers on her "tour" of the area.

Dusty captured this great shot of my Princess and myself at Cooper's Cave on the Hudson River. This is the place that inspired James Fenimore Cooper's novel The Last of the Mohicans.

Larry and Jamie (Dusty's parents) also came to visit us this summer! We explored around Lake George, NY with the dogs for an afternoon and then stayed in Saratoga Springs, NY for two nights. The weather was perfect and we were able to enjoy ourselves over the Fourth of July weekend.

Myrtle Beach

We were fortunate this spring to be able to take a vacation to Myrtle Beach with two of our best friends, Gared and Shawna. I think this has to have been the first "real" vacation for just the two of us other than our honeymoon. We had such an amazing time I wanted to share a few of the pictures.

It was so nice to have sand between my toes again! I didn't think that I would miss the beach and the water when I left Mississippi, but I can't get over how much it felt like home to hear the waves and smell the salt in the air. It was overcast a couple of the days we were there, but we managed to get some time in the water while the sun was out.

True to our vacation "trends," we made it to play a round of miniature golf. It was even more fun with good company! Of course, it took us twice as long to play through because of all the photo ops we stopped to take advantage of!

For our fancy dinner night we went to Rioz Brazillian Steak House. This was my first experience with this type of place, but oh! was it amazing! We started out at the gigantic salad bar that included all sorts of appetizers and sides, and then they begin the meat "service." They bring around skewers with all sorts of different cuts of meat - prime rib, chicken, lamb, ribs - you name it, they probably had it. It was incredible!
We had a wonderful trip and are very thankful that we were able to share the experience with Gared and Shawna. We can't wait to plan our next vacation and hope even more friends can join us!

New Blog

Hey from the airport. I decided to create an offshoot of this blog that contained thoughts and rants from my travels. Seems like I'm spending more time on the road and it's about time I started writing a few things down. Look for the posts on Dusty's Thoughts The reason for the side blog is that it doesn't go with the family updates, but I still want it to be associated.

In addition to the new blog, things are going well for us. Julie hasn't had a chance to update everyone since she has her hands full with the new house. Also, she is trying to kick her cold while trying to keep up with Kate. Kate is loving school and excels on homework and studies.

I'll finish up here in NY on September 25th and then... I'm not sure. My boss still has not made up his mind on my next destination. I'll keep you posted.

Have a safe rest of the holiday weekend.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Almost Settled!

Our New House!!

We finally did it! We were able to close on our house August 7th! It's awesome!! I've unpacked and decorated with everything we had shipped from Texas, now I'm just waiting on Dusty, Bentley, and the rest of our stuff in New York. He is working there until September 25. Once we have all of the painting finished and the rest of our stuff, I'll post pictures of the inside. =)

Kate Started Kindergarten this year! Dusty flew down so he could take her to the first day of school. How cute are they?! So far, she's loving it. Her teacher is awesome, and she's alreay learning so much. I'm so proud of my big girl every morning when she gets out of the truck and walks into school all by herself! I can't wait to pick her up every day to hear what she's done and how many stickers she got on her behavior chart.

We went to Nannie's farm in Alabama while Mom and Dad were here to pick up Grandma Duke's sideboard and dining room table. I'm very excited about being able to use this furniture in our new house! Here are a few shots Dusty took while we were there:

The Old Barn.

Kate looking out the dining room window.

I have lots of pictures that I want to share with everyone from New York, Texas, and everywhere in between. I will post them soon!

Friday, February 27, 2009


photogs & such: katerade!

Here are two more awesome pictures Daniel took at Karen's this past Christmas....complete with KK's glasses, pearls and her new "5 reasons why i'm gonna be an Aggie" shirt.
I just love these!

Awesome Kate Pic

photogs & such

Here is a cute picture of Kate at KK's over the Christmas break. It's even got a bit of Dusty's truck in it. =)


This week I prepared a recipe from scratch! No....really! For whatever reason I decided to make my mom's recipe for No-Bake Cookies and they were delicious! True, one cookie has enough calories to make up 1/3 of a meal, but I was just proud I made them! I sent the cookies to work with Dusty so we wouldn't eat the entire batch - his coworkers were very complimentary.
I've started going through the recipes I received at my "Recipe Shower" and I am making plans to prepare at least two new recipes a week. This is a huge feat for me as Dusty is the resident chef in our household.
Soooooo, I would love to have suggestions for your favorite recipes. Email them to me or send them via snail mail! I need some good pork recipes - and fun (and healthy) chicken dishes - any suggestions?